Saturday, 11 April 2015

Blogging A-Z Day 11: Julian of Norwich

Wise words from medieval mystic and your original spiritual director - Julian of Norwich, aided and abetted by those rather more contemporary Moody Blues. Who would have thought it? I've been fortunate enough to have visited the chapel built over the site of her original cell during Mstr GP's student years; more info on her life here in Norwich Cathedral.

Over more time  than I can recall,   my membership of a local Julian Meeting has been one of  the mainstays of my spirituality. A simple half hour of silent prayer in the supportive setting of a small group - it almost runs itself. I can imagine that there are as many different ways of being a Julian member as there are groups, but the thread that runs through all of them is the simple setting aside of space to be with God. Strange, yet wonderful,  that somebody whose life was so radically different from ours here in the 21st century can still speak into the lives of those who thirst for 'something more,' today.

all shall be well...


  1. It is a great philosophy to set apart that time for God. I had not heard of Julian before as a society like this.


  2. The beauty is in its simplicity; minimal organisation, little hierarchy; more time for God. Who knows - you might even have a group in your area. I checked the website - it's a worldwide movement!


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