Monday, 13 April 2015

Blogging A-Z Day 13: Kingfisher

Two looks at the gorgeous kingfisher today: Above - a reading of Gerard Manley Hopkin's sonnet As Kingfishers Catch Fire, Dragonflies Draw Flame, and below...

Disclosure - by Anne Lewin

Prayer is like watching for the
Kingfisher. All you can do is
Be where he is likely to appear, and
Often, nothing much happens;
There is space, silence and
No visible sign, only the
Knowledge that he’s been there
And may come again.
Seeing or not seeing cease to matter,
You have been prepared.
But sometimes, when you’ve almost 
Stopped expecting it, a flash of brightness
Gives encouragement.


  1. Gorgeous colorful bird; I don't think we have them here!


    1. Ah, but I'm sure there are many just as beautiful that we don't have either!

  2. A large, but shallow river cuts through my yard...this guy's a frequent visitor! You can usually hear him before you see him!

    @Get Lost in Lit

  3. I can imagine! I guess you don't have many fish left in the river either. Thanks for passing by. Good luck with the challenge.


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