Thursday, 23 April 2015

A-Z Day 23: Travel

Heading towards the border: Spring 2011

Today's blog is somewhat  of a cheat, being an extension of Tuesday's Railway theme. I was pondering the meaning of the  saying To travel hopefully is a better thing than to arrive.  Did you realise that its origin is from Robert Louis Stevenson's essay El Dorado? No, neither did I, at least, not until about 20 minutes ago. The wonders of the internet, eh? What does it mean then? "Anticipation of an event is better than the actual experience?" "The journey is more important than the destination?" When we embarked on our epic Durham to Oban trip four years ago, I seem to remember we veered between the two viewpoints. To spend all our travel time longing for it to end would have meant us  missing  out on so many wonderful experiences along the way. Although there were some (East shore of Loch Lomond, anybody?) that I would not want to repeat!  

For the music spot, I'm recycling another old set of  Greenpatch travelogues.  I love the old 1980s Intercity advert.  Just one thing though. Have a close look at the clip and see if you can spot one significant difference between the behaviour of our happy commuters  then and now. Go on....

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  1. I have to agree, sometimes the planning of a trip can be better than how the actual trip turns out; maybe our expectations are higher than what is actually there when we get to our destination.



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