Wednesday, 27 April 2016

A-Z Day 22- Vegetables

Another excuse to go back down Memory Lane, to the Land of Do As You're Told. 'Stoppit and Tidyup' were favourites of the junior Greenpatches many years ago. This episode is 'Eat Your Greens.' I can't say it had the desired effect on their eating habits. I seem to remember the Great Broccoli Revolt somewhere along the way!


  1. I have just spent half an hour down Memory Lane thanks to this, watching several episodes. I loved the show, and had almost forgotten it (and you can work out for yourself that I was not as junior as the Greenpatch juniors by a long way!) Especially poignant to hear Sir Terry... I've bookmarked it, so I now have a new displacement activity right on my computer for when I'm supposed to be writing! But thank you all the same!

  2. Glad you enjoyed watching it. Procrastinators unite!!


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