Monday, 18 April 2016

A-Z Challenge Day 15- Orange is the colour

Of pumpkin lanterns
 Of Tiger Cat

Of a North Wales sunset

What else?

 - Of lurid, flower-bedecked 1970's wallpaper
 - Of black-eyed Susans
- Of grated carrot
- marmalade in a dish

Any others for the list?



  1. Orange Day. A day of celebration in the Netherlands it is their national colour and if you saw the number of giant sunflowers in their flower markets you might think they and not tulips were the national flower.

  2. Of course. I do love sunflowers.

  3. of oranges - bien sur! - and mandarins, the scent of which whisk me back to Christmas.

    of the smocking on my smock top (together with yellow) that I wore for my school leaving "do". I remember dad telling me how grown up I looked, even though I was still his little girl. Sad face.

  4. What a wonderful picture that conjures up! Thanks.


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