Monday, 4 April 2016

A-Z Challenge Day 3 - C is for Contemplation and Creativity

Cats - Tiger cat in contemplative mood


I've written plenty about creativity on this blog. Whether improvising a raincoat out of carrier bags for a much-loved teddy in the wilds of the Western Highlands, Praying in Colour, taking part in Journal 52 for the umpteenth time, (I will complete the challenge this year, I promise!), searching out weird epitaphs,  composing found poetry out of The National Trust magazine, The Big Issue and assorted mailshots, or whiling away the hours in the art room on retreat, the older I get, the more it becomes a source of sustenance. Plus it's fun...most of the time. This from somebody who couldn't 'do' art at school. I still can't 'do' it, but that doesn't stop me!

Not everything that I 'create' gets put online, in fact most of it stays hidden within the covers of my journal, only to be shared with a select few, often in the context of working through personal issues. I'm very good at self-censoring what I write. This isn't nearly as easy to do when you're working with colour, images and the imagination. Your inner self will out.  Or, to misquote a certain advert of yesteryear, " Creativity refreshes the parts that other contemplative activities cannot reach!"


  1. It is always fun to be creative; even if it is just shared for ourselves :)


  2. hey there :) Finally getting around to reading some posts.
    Enjoying yours so far. Thanks for popping over x

    1. Good to see you here again. Yes, it's taking me all my time to write the posts, let alone visit, but I'll get there in the end!

  3. Contemplation and Creativity a great combination!

    Happy April 4th!
    Ninga Minion @YolandaRenee from
    Defending The Pen
    Murderous Imaginings


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