Friday, 15 April 2016

A-Z Challenge Day 13- Monty Python

'Monty' or should that be 'Monica' Python
We've almost caught up with ourselves now. With luck,  also, a certain upgraded operating system might just have condescended to quit sulking and co-operate instead of presenting me with the eternal bouncing beachball every time I ask it to do something.

Meet 'Monty' Ms GP's python. Monty spent a few years as unofficial flatmate Number Two whilst she was living in London. Can't say he was exactly my cup of tea; (after having to feed crickets  to Mstr  GP's Bearded Dragon), I've had enough of things that spend their days lurking behind logs, but then, I didn't have to live with him. Ms GP eventually passed Mr Python on to another living home, and it was only then that she discovered, that like Beardie 'Ridge,' who turned out to be 'Ridgette,' 'Monty,' was really 'Monica.' Oops! Never mind; we're in good company. Remember the 'Blue Peter' (for non-UK readers, a popular and long-running BBC TV children's programme) 'Fred,' who was really 'Freda' Or was it the other way round?

Of course, all of this preamble is merely an excuse for me to link to the real Monty Python. The clip you'll see is from their 'Holy Grail,' the scene with the uppity French guard.  It brings back happy memories of Ms GP playing the very part in a school house evening when she was about 12 years old. We always reckoned that the sheer vehemence with which she threw herself into the role wasn't entirely unconnected with the fact that she's bilingual (from years spent at school in France). It was a big change moving back to the UK, and it took her some time to get settled. Perhaps the chance to get her own back at some of her new schoolmates, was too good to resist. As for the cow...never to be forgotten! It still has pride of place; dangling from the ceiling in her old bedroom.

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