Friday, 29 April 2016

A-Z Challenge Day 25 - Y

I think I peaked culturally this time last year when I pointed my poor readers (if there were any left by that time), towards Bananas in Pyjamas and ' The Bannana Splits.' It's a hard act to follow. Luckily, Mr GP has come to my rescue and suggested I take yet another trip down Memory Lane to age seventeen and The Real Thing's 'You to Me are Everything.'  Aahhh! They don't write them like that nowadays. Excuse me while I wallow in nostalgia for an hour or three...


  1. Snazzy outfits on The Real Thing group. Lots of shiny polyester. Found you through the A to Z Challenge and I've enjoyed your blog.

  2. Just popped over and subscribed to yours. I enjoyed reading about your furry alarm clock, Ollie.


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