Monday, 2 July 2012


It's that time of year again. I spent yet another  Sunday away; this time at Winchester Cathedral for a friend's ordination. It was a wonderful experience for everybody;  of all the ordinations I've attended, yesterday's was the first  where I've known one of the ordinands personally and been privileged to share just a small part of their journey over the whole long process leading to this moment.

Daydreamer's reflections on the price paid not only by the clergy themselves but also by their families in order to follow their calling largely echoes mine. It was wonderful to be there yesterday  and to witness the joy and excitement of the ordinands as they set out on the next stage of their pilgrimage. Such an emotional occasion; we were seated only a few rows from the front with a grandstand view and, as the service wore on,  to see the expression on their faces change from tense to (in some cases) tearful to smiling and joyous was wonderful to behold.

If the supporting, more seasoned clergy seated behind them felt the same way, I guess they weren't gving much away upfront; those that I could see looked suitable serious As Befits The Solemnity of The Occasion.  This is the C of E, after all! Maybe the emotions were  bubbling away inside, but my fleeting thought (and prayer ) at the contrast between the two groups was 'Please God, don't let those starting out today become ground down, jaded and cynical by the (inevitable) demands and expectations of the job. May they somewhere always retain the spontaneity and joy of that first calling.'


  1. Thank you for this! 28 years ago today (am I THAT old?!) I was Admitted to the Order of Deaconess - this was before women were even ordained Deacon. My path since then has been a bit of a labyrinth (what a surprise!!), even leading me out of the C of E, but as I look back I'm full of gratitude. May I claim a tiny bit of your prayer for myself, as I join in with it for all those setting out on the path at this season?

  2. Of course you can; glad to hear you found the prayer helpful. That old labyrinth does lead us along unexpected paths sometimes, doesn't it?!


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