Saturday, 14 July 2012

Checking my vital statistics - Ogres seeking enlightement

So, I'm checking my stats (as you do...)  when I spot a visitor who appears to have landed here in the course of a search for higher things. Should I be touched that  my humble ramblings are obviously helping other, less fortunate souls along the path to enlightenment?

 Not so, I'm afraid. I was brought down to earth with a bump when a search showed The Yoga Ogre to be Peter Bentley's tale for children about Ogden the Ogre's attempts to find his dream sport. I suspect my visitor may be A Discount Ticket to Everywhere. If it is, thanks for this. If you hop over to her blog you'll find a review of not only the Yoga Ogre but a number of other brilliant books; I've spotted a few of my own childrens' favourites there from way back. It's good to know that some of those golden oldies are still going strong, and great to hear about what else is out there. Now all I need to do is find an excuse to read some of them for myself. Must find a small child.

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