Monday, 2 July 2012

Technical tangles again

Time is a gift as I've said, but apologies to my little band of followers who must be under the mistaken impression that either  my blogging output has trebled overnight or that I employ an ammenusis! Not so -  I spent most of Sunday some 20 miles away at a friend's ordination; my only output was spiritual!  For some weird reason my googlereader and reading list has insisted on re-publishing a whole bunch of past  posts.  Especial apologies to Archdruid Eileen  - hope I've not caused confusion amongst the tealights - I seem to be lurking back down at the three week mark.

Given the ghastly technical tangles last time round, I think I'll refrain from any tinkering in the innards and adopt a 'wait and see' policy.


  1. That's a relief, then - I thought my memory was even more addled than usual. What? I'm sorry, I didn't quite catch that...?

  2. I shouldn't worry; isn't absent-mindedness part and parcel of the Franciscan charism? I'm sure I've got it written into my rule of life somewhere! ;)


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