Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Spider web

Wetland wildlife, Bagnor Estate 31 July 2012
Bagnor Estate, 31 July 2012

Spider's web spotted during this morning's walk through the Bagnor Estate.  We skirted round the wetlands shown in the top photo; it's been raining on and off today and we were wet enough as it was. We'll maybe try another time once we've worked out the route and can do the full circuit round the estate from The Watermill back round to the Blackbird Inn. (Well-behaved dogs allowed!). We had a very nice bite to eat there as well. We're now safely back home in dry clothes whilst Greenpatch dog is taking forty well-earned winks.


  1. what a lovely spiders web! Always nice to find a pub that welcomes dogs too. Not that i have a dog, but I've made friends with some nice dogs in pubs!

  2. Thanks. He tries his best; we make sure to bring along a treat for him. Bribery works wonders...although he was rather whiney today; suspect he fancied our food far more than his boring old bone!


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