Saturday, 21 July 2012

School's Out! Musical memories


Heavens, it's strange how evocative music can be! A Letter From Home's post on school holidays and freedom set me to thinking of the old Alice Cooper classic,  and in a trice the years fell away.  I was in my early teens when School's Out first came out and can remember it as the background to a holiday in Scotland: Bracing sea breezes, parfum de gut factory (Mum's family came from a  Northerly fishing port),  running along to the local school with my cousins to check out the new class lists for the autumn term.  Later on it was the constant at 6th form discos and a must-have at college, especially for celebrating the  end of teaching practice.  (I didn't actually carry on into teaching, but that's another story).  Still -  substitute flared jeans, indian cotton smocks, dungarees, bubble perms and earrings (for the men) for the dresses and shorts and I'm transported back over 35 years.  I even fancy I feel the energy surge I had then...just for a moment, sans poor circulation, bad back, worrying lumps and bumps and an internal thermostat that has a mind of its own. 

Excuse me whilst I go away and blow my nose very hard indeed. 


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